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Below are a few examples from our extensive stock of decanters. If you are interested in any of the pieces shown, or would like to enquire about other items in our stock, please contact us.

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W1478 Rare Georgian ice or champagne decanter with three blade neck rings over plain body with large ice pocket. Lozenge stopper. Probably Irish. Circa 1800.

Height: 13 inches.  Price: £2650.00.

W10269 Fine pair of Georgian barrel shaped decanters engraved with fruiting vines below three plain neck rings. Moulded fluted mushroom stoppers. Circa 1820.

Height: 9½ inches. Price: £750.00.

W10358 Beautiful Victorian circular flagon shaped spirally ribbed decanter with central raspberry prunt, the shoulders decorated with pincerwork, on plain circular foot. Original matching hollow blown spire stopper. Circa 1880.

Height: 13 inches. Price: £275.00.

W10191 Magnificent and rare Art Nouveau mandolin shaped decanter cased in cobalt blue cut to reveal the yellow uranium glass body, the vertical blue neck ribs cut with small navette mitre flutes and pairs of little horizontal mitre flutes over panels of grapes and peaches flanked by scale cutting above basal broad flutes. Original matching hollow blown stopper decorated en suite. Probably Val St Lambert, Belgium. Circa 1890.

Height: 17¾ inches. Price: Sold.

W1533 A very rare, possibly unique Georgian gilt bronze decanter wagon holding two large Georgian decanters cut with vertical broad flutes over a band of diamonds and a band of horizontal mitre flutes over basal vertical mitre flutes.  Star-cut bases and matching mushroom stoppers. Each coaster consists of a row of portrait medallions below a beaded rim and are mounted on four fancy wheels.  Beaded looped pulling handle.  Circa 1825.

Overall length of wagon: 18¾ inches. Diameter of coasters: 6¼ inches. Height of decanters: 10¼ inches.  Capacity of each decanter: 1½ bottles. Total height of decanters and wagon: 13½ inches.  Price: £6750. 

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W1476 Rare Georgian labelled mallet shaped decanter engraved with a label for 'CHERRY'* surrounded with flowers and fruiting vines. Cut disc stopper. Circa 1770.

Height: 10¾ inches. Price: £1950.00.

*'Cherry' probably refers to 'cherry bounce', a brandy-based drink popular throughout the 18th century which was flavoured with the juice of crushed cherries, sweetened with sugar and sometimes gently spiced with cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. In the early 19th century, bounce was supplanted in fashionable circles by maraschino, the favourite drink of the Prince Regent.

W10416 Beautiful Victorian amphora shaped decanter finely decorated in intaglio with a peacock and a peahen roosting in flowers and foliage. Original matching hollow blown ball stopper. Circa 1880.

Length: 12½ inches.  Price: £575.00.

W1514 Rare Georgian barrel shaped decanter with three plain neck rings, the body engraved with a representation of H.M.S. Africa* and inscribed on the reverse 'AFRICA'. Targe stopper. Circa 1805.

*H.M.S. Africa took part at the Battle of Trafalgar.

Height: 10¾ inches. Price: £1350.00.

W10173 Rare Georgian Irish decanter with three annulated neck rings, the body engraved with stylised bows, festoons and roses over basal moulded vertical fluting. Moulded fluted mushroom stopper. The base very indistictly marked 'WATERLOO Co. CORK'. Circa 1815.

Height: 9¾ inches. Price: Sold.

W10361 Superb gourd shaped decanter decorated in intaglio with fruiting vines over large basal plume pillars, on foot cut with fans. Original matching hollow blown gourd shaped stopper. Circa 1920.

Height: 14¼ inches.  Price: £425.00. 

W10457 Lovely pair of Victorian angular shaft and globe decanters cut with broad flutes over a broad band of cross-cut diamonds over basal vertical mitre flutes. Original lapidary ball stoppers. Star-cut bases. Circa 1880.

Height 11 inches. Price: £325.00.

W1402 Rare Georgian mallet shaped decanter engraved with a label inscribed 'PORT' suspended by a an engraved chain above fruiting vine. Original lozenge stopper inscribed with 'P' (for port). Circa 1770.

Height: 11½ inches. Price: £1950.00.

W1354 Fine pair of Georigan barrel shaped decanters with three plain neck rings and cut with broad flutes and prisms over a band of diamonds and basal vertical mitre flutes. Original matching hollow blown ball stoppers. Circa 1820.

Height: 10¾ inches. Price: £850.00.

W10266 Fine Georgian barrel shaped decanter with three plain neck rings over cut broad shoulder flutes and a row of circular lenticles between two bands of strawberry diamonds, ove basal vertical hollow comb flutes. Mushroom stopper cut with radiating mitre flutes. Circa 1820.

Height : 9⅞ inches. Price: £285.00.

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