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Decanters 1760 - 1930


David Leigh

David Leigh ISBN 0 7478 0548 2 (Shire Album 411) 48 pp, 87 colour, 41 b/w illustrations.

For centuries wine has been served at table out of expensive and often elaborate serving vessels. The unrivalled transparency of lead crystal, invented in late seventeenth-century England, led to glass, rather than silver or ceramics, increasingly being used as the favoured material. Although initially influenced by the contemporary wine bottle, from the middle of the eighteenth century the design of decanters became ever more subject to changing fashions. This book traces the developments and changing styles of these most elegant and useful pieces of glass tableware from the mid Georgian period to the Art Deco period of the 1930s. The many illustrations show the wide variety of decanters still available outside museum and private collections.

£5.99 plus p. & p.

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"... the unrivalled beauty of so many of these beautiful objects has encouraged him to produce a useful little paperback reference book...

With excellent illustrations, in colour and black and white, this useful little work will demonstrate to all just how many lovely decanters are available today, and how varied and inspirational they are.

This delightful book is sure to encourage many more people to dine in style."

Western Morning News

" ...a useful and concise book...may help to illuminate a somewhat neglected subject."

Lapada News & Views

"If you love wine glasses and decanters invest in a new Shires Book on Decanters by David Leigh.... You'll learn about the history of decanters from 1760 to 1930 and the book is lavishly illustrated with examples of decanter shapes through the centuries. decanters are an easy, usable and interesting item to collect - this book will give you plenty of ideas."

Antiques & Collectables Magazine

" This book provides a good introduction to collecting decanters... Mr Leigh covers the classic period from 1760-1800.... the Victorian era.... and some delicious Art Nouveau and Art Deco examples. There are chapters on claret jugs, wine ewers, carafes and spirit decanters.... "

Antiques Trade Gazette

"David Leigh traces... the decanter from the mid-Georgian period until the Art Deco examples of the 1930s.... Leigh's little book is a useful introduction for glass lovers and collectors."

Antiques Magazine

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