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Below are a few examples of our stock of bowls, jugs and other glass. If you are interested in any of the pieces shown, or would like to enquire about other items in our stock, please contact us.

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W1459 Rare Georgian baluster shaped beer jug engraved with hops and barley and a monogram on scalloped foot. Pincer worked handle. Circa 1780.

Height 7½ inches. Price: £795.00.

W9897 Fine pair of Georgian egg cups with scalloped rims over a band of diamonds above basal broad flutes, on fluted stems and scalloped star-cut feet. Circa 1810.

Height: 2¾ inches. Price: Sold.

W1395 Rare Georgian large candlestick with composite stem with central spirally reeded section between multiple rings and two large beeded ball knop, on domed foot. Circa 1740.

Height: 16¼ inches. Price: £3950.00.

W9583 Good Georgian cream jug cut with scalloped rim over broad flutes. Notched and fluted handle. Circa 1830.

Height: 3¾ inches. Price: £195.00.

W8313 Lovely Georgian jug cut sawtooth rim over a band of tesselated horizontal mitre flutes and a band of strawberry diamonds over basal vertical mitre flutes. Circa 1820.

Height: 6½ inches. Price: £375.00.

W8382 Good pair of Victorian candlesticks in the 18th century style, cut all over with hollow facets, on domed feet. Circa 1900.

Height: 8¾ inches. Price: £275.00.

W9419 Beautiful Victorian campana shaped vase engraved all over with lilies and bulrushes, on short stem with ball knop and engraved foot. Circa 1900.

Height: 7¾. Price: Sold.

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W9502 Superb campana shaped dish cut in the 'Russian' pattern below scalloped rim. Knurled and ribbed silver handle. Dutch.
Circa 1910.

Height: 5¼ inches. Width: 8½ inches. Height ex handle: 4 ins. Price: £295.00.

W1406 Pretty 19th century French baluster shaped vase decorated in latticinio with spiralling black-edged blue bands and alternating with spiralling 5-ply bands of white threads. Clichy, France. Circa 1890.

Height: 8 inches.  Price: Sold.

W1445 Rare Georgian candlestick with plain baluster shaped nozzle on three annulated collars over multispiral airtwist stem and basal beehive knop and domed terraced foot. Circa 1750.

Height: 7¾ inches. Price: £2500.00.

W9344 Beautiful Edwardian jug decorated in intaglio with flowers and foliage. 'Teared' notched handle. Circa 1910.

Height: 5 inches. Price: £250.00.

W1443 Rare Georgian baluster shaped coin cream jug with horizontal trailing over basal gadrooning on pedestal foot enclosing a silver George III Maundy penny dated 1783. Circa 1785.

Width: 4¼ inches. Price: £675.00.

W1444 Rare pair of Georgian tapersticks with scalloped drip pans on stems cut with hollow diamond facets with high facet-cut blade collar over basal facet-cut ball knop and facet-cut scalloped domed feet. Circa 1770.

Height: 6¾ inches. Price: Sold.

W9896 Fine pair of Georgian egg cups with scalloped rims over a band of diamonds above basal broad flutes, on fluted stems and scalloped star-cut feet. Circa 1810.

Height: 2¾ inches. Price: Sold.

W1446 Rare Georgian small taperstick with ribbed nozzle on compressed beaded knop and six-sided pedestal stem and domed foot. Circa 1750.

Height: 5½ inches. Price: £595.00.

W9786 Superb Georgian oval rope-work fruit basket on stand, the basket with two handles and raspberry prunts. Probably Liège, Belgium. Circa 1770.

Height: 4½ inches. Width of stand: 11½ inches.

Price: Sold.

W1379 Fine Georgian baluster shaped jug with basal diagonal gadrooning. Circa 1780.

Height: 7¼ inches. Price: £495.00.

W1365 Rare Victorian opalescent jug enamelled with a rural scene of figures sitting beneath a tree. Marked RICHARDSON VITRIFIED. Richardsons, Stourbridge. Circa 1850.

Diameter: 7¾ inches. Price: £1850.00.

W9728 Rare pair of Georgian candlesticks with nozzles cut with hollow diamond facets and fluted and facet-cut stems with centre knop, on scalloped domed feet cut with facets. Circa 1780.

Height: 8¼ inches. Price: Sold.

W7621 Lovely Georgian small jug, the body cut with diamonds below a scalloped rim and vertical broad flutes and horizontal prisms. Notched and fluted handle. Circa 1820.

Height: 5¾ inches. Price: £275.00.

W1466 Rare Georgian footed brandy scoop decorated with 'nipt diamond waies', with writhen handle. circa 1740.

Height: 2 ins. Length: 4¾ ins. Price: £695.00.

W9825 Beautiful Victorian ruby-cased sweetmeat dish in the form of a shell cut with fan scalloped rim over alternatin ribs of fine diamonds and pillar flutes.
Circa 1880.

Length: 6¾ inches. Price: £195.00.

W1467 Magnificent Georgian helmet shaped pedestal jug cut with scalloped rim over horizontal pillar flutes and broad shoulder flutes above swirling pillar flutes and horizontal prisms, on pedestal foot cut with radiating pillar flutes. Circa 1820.

Height: 10½ inches. Price: Sold.

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